Saturday, August 4, 2012

day 8

Olympics 2012 | Day Eight
Medals Per Million

Big debut.
Jamaica hits OlyMPMic Leader Board at NUMBER FIVE position! Two medals, one day, 2.7 million people.

 Moldova’s Top Ten return after four day absence. With Jamaica’s debut, bumps Hungary and Cuba. Other tenners jostle for position.

Other new arrivals.
Switzerland (7.95 million) at #38, three slots below fading USA;
Tunisia (10.67 million - 1/3 the population of Canada – who knew!) at #41;
Guatemala (14.7 million – ½ the population of Canada – who knew!) at #43;
Ethiopia (84.3 million – 2½ times the population of Canada – who knew!) at #53, with 2 medals in a single day.

Czech Republic leaps over deflating USA and steady Canada with nineteen position gain, while Serbia surges six slots to leave USA in dust and snuggle up behind Canada. Host country United Kingdom / Great Britain (will somebody there please make up their mind what the bloody place is called?) and Olympic disappointment China hold steady. India won two more medals, leaping from last place to last place, down five positions from the previous day’s last place. But hope is not gone for one billion, two hundred and ten million India fans: only eight more medals to pass Indonesia!

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